Investing in Ford

Investing in Ford


Our vision is simply to be the world's leading consumer company for automotive products and services. People are at the heart of our vision and we strive to improve the quality of peoples' lives through progress. That's the true story of Ford - in the beginning, now and always.


We see ourselves as a global, versatile family with a proud heritage. We have a passion that drives us to create excellent products and services that our customers welcome, both now and in the future.


At Ford, people come first. As a company, we are responsible for the welfare of our customers, our employees and our society. Our approach must also be in complete harmony with the needs of the environment, and with the requirements of modern technology.

Ford in Britain today

Employing around 13,000 at seven locations, Ford Motor Company Ltd has been British car market leader for over 30 consecutive years.

The Southampton-built Ford Transit, engineered at Ford's UK product development HQ in Essex, has led the commercial vehicle sector for 43 successive years.

Ford's Dunton product development centre, near Basildon, also works on future powertrains (engines/transmissions), which are produced at the company's Dagenham and Bridgend plants.

The Ford Focus has been the UK's top selling car every year since launched in 1998. Joining Focus in the country's top three favourite cars is the Ford Fiesta.

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