Ford Parts

Ford Parts

There are many reasons why you and your customers should choose Ford Original Parts, Motorcraft Parts and Remanufactured Parts.

From value to safety, and performance to quality, they offer the right choice for servicing and repair of all Ford vehicles.

Ford Original Parts

Ford Original Parts are designed, manufactured and tested to the same high standards as parts fitted to new Ford vehicles at the production line. So you and your customers can be sure of their quality, performance and safety.


The high quality of Ford Original Parts ensures they fit right first time, without forcing, gaps or distortion. This means you can carry out a quicker and better repair with the same high standard of finish as the factory-fitted part.


Every Ford car is designed and built as a whole, with all parts working together for optimum performance, fuel efficiency and comfort. By using Ford Original Parts maintains the same high standards in all these areas that your customers have come to expect.


Passenger and pedestrian protection are priorities for Ford. So Ford Original Parts are designed, manufactured and tested to meet - or even exceed - statutory safety standards and homologation requirements. By using Ford Original Parts you give your customers real peace of mind on the road.

Parts you can be sure of

To be sure you are giving your customers the quality, performance and safety they demand, you need to be sure you are using genuine Ford Original Parts. So always look for the highly visible Ford branding with the easily recognisable Ford trademark.

The right choice

With Ford Original Parts from your Ford Parts Dealer, there's always expert technical and professional sales support on hand if you need it. So choose Ford Original Parts every time. Because we know how important it is to keep your customer's Ford 100% Ford.

Motorcraft and Reman Parts

As a vehicle gets older it may need more care, yet at the same time the owner may also want to keep their costs more tightly under control. Motorcraft Parts and Remanufactured Parts - available from your Ford Parts Dealer - can offer a useful solution.

Motorcraft Parts and Remanufactured Parts are competitively-priced and manufactured to high standards of quality, so they represent excellent value for your customers with older vehicles.

So no matter how old your customer's Ford is, you can help them to keep it in the very best condition.

The crash test Dummy

We all know about the crash test dummies used by car manufacturers - Ford included. They help us to ensure our vehicles are safe. With more than 100 years' experience in building cars, we know how important it is to keep your customer's Ford 100% Ford. So we manufacture our Genuine Ford Parts to the same standards that we manufacture our cars. The parts we supply offer you guaranteed Ford product quality and optimum residual value. Our Ford Parts dealer network makes it quick and easy for you to order the parts you need. And whatever part you need, with the whole Ford Parts product range to choose from you can be sure to get the right part, at the right price, and right on time. Choose Genuine Ford Parts to stay on the safe side and keep your customer's Ford 100% Ford.

Don't save on safety, quality and warranty

Genuine Ford Parts

  • are easy to fit and therefore save time and money
  • offer a wide range for the Ford vehicle applications
  • are tested to ensure their performance is as stated in Ford specifications
  • restore the vehicle to its technical pre-accident condition
  • maintain the Ford Parts Warranty and the Ford Perforation Warranty for the whole vehicle
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