Blue Oval Club

Blue Oval Club

What is Blue Oval Club?

We introduced the Blue Oval Club for our Independent Motor Trade Parts Customers in response to their requests for trade communications and technical supplements.

In addition to this, Blue Oval Club members also have access to a dedicated Technical Support Hotline, at a subsidised rate of 60p per minute.

Login to the Blue Oval Club

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The Blue Oval Club provides members with valuable technical information and support to assist them with the repairs to all Ford vehicles. Members also have access to Ford Parts promotions and offers and regular contact with their Ford Parts Plus Dealer. We aim to ensure that members are well informed and have the best possible support from Ford.

Technical Hotline

The Technical Hotline is available to all Blue Oval Club members at a subsidised rate to provide support and diagnostic advice on repairs and maintenance to all Ford vehicles. Help at the end of a phone when you need it.

Expert assistance and advice at the end of a phone on Ford parts, installation and technical issues. The Technical Hotline is available to answer your calls and to assist on technical matters. They can help and advise you on parts, diagnostic or repair queries. They can provide you with the help when you need it most, potentially saving you time and money.

The Hotline is a premium rate telephone number, and calls are charged per minute*.

We have lines available as detailed below.

Line for general public use 09065 533 447
Calls are charged at £1.00 per minute from BT land lines*

Line for Blue Oval Club members 0906 4700 320
Calls are charged at 60p per minute from BT land lines.

Membership will be requested and verified when calling.

*Charges may vary depending on your supplier or network. Please consult your supplier for rates on premium rate telephone numbers. Your network provider may make additional charges. Blue Oval Club Membership number will be requested and verified when Technical Hotline is called.

Hotline is open
Monday - Friday: 08.30 - 17.30 hrs

What is the Blue Oval Club Partners Programme?

The latest development of the Ford Parts programme.
In summary, it builds on the core Ford Parts offer of genuine Ford Parts, supported by excellent availability and competitive prices.

The Blue Oval Club Partnership offer from your Ford Parts dealer is now individually tailored to meet your business requirements. It is an offer which we believe will gain your business and loyalty, a true partnership.

What are the benefits?

Being a Partner gives you access to:

  • The Ford Parts Trade Book, giving you additional discount on a selection of parts
  • Quest Consumables
  • Special Technical Hotline number charged at lo-call rate
  • Preferential Service Level Agreement with your Ford Parts Plus dealer, helping you to optimise your use of Ford Parts in your business
  • Access to occasional special parts promotions, incentive programmes and offers from your Ford Parts Plus dealer.

Parts poster (PDF)

How do I become a Blue Oval Club Partner?

We ask you for 3 things:

  • Commit to work in partnership with your Ford Parts Plus Dealer
  • Use the special prices and deals we are offering to really boost your genuine Ford Parts purchase from your Ford Parts Plus Dealer
  • Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you sell more genuine Ford Parts

Talk to your Ford Parts Plus Dealer today for further information on being a Blue Oval Club Partner.

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